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Top Benefits of Timber Cladding

Top Benefits of Timber Cladding

For both commercial and domestic properties, Timber Cladding over the last few years has become a desirable addition to many buildings. Whether it is down to it’s protection advantages or purely style based, the installation of cladding can bring some impressive benefits. In this blog we will be discussing just some of the reasons you may want to be the next person to have timber cladding installed!


Timber Cladding is great for protecting the exterior of buildings, preventing the risk of harm from the elements. Surface finishes can also be applied to give added protection. Cladding can even add to the overall structural strength of any building, lowering the chances of any large structural repairs having to be made in the future.


When it comes to cladding for style purposes, Timber is a very on trend at the moment. Depending on the grain of wood and how it’s installed, Timber Cladding can work for both modern and vintage aesthetics. When you decide it’s time for a stylistic change, it can also be easily be redecorated!

    Environmental benefits

In 2019, there has been a huge focus on saving the planet and going green in all aspects of life. Timber Cladding has some brilliant environmental benefits. It is classed as a renewable resource, meaning it can be used repeatedly and replaced naturally. Timber also has a great potential for being recycled at the end of it’s life and it has a low carbon footprint. If you’re a business, it’s great for your reputation to be visibly looking after the environment too!

Here at BTL Timber we offer a variety of different cladding types for homes and business premises. For more information on our cladding and many other timber products give us a call on 01388 608452 or visit