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Our Favourite Shed Storage Ideas

Our Favourite Shed Storage Ideas

When it comes to your shed, over time clutter can become a real problem and people often start to just store their garden equipment, tools and more without any real order. The best way to focus on keeping your shed tidy is to incorporate smarter storage solutions. In this blog we are going to be telling you about some of our favourite storage ideas for sheds.

    Store Nails & Screws in Jars

A really helpful hack that we love is keeping nails and screws in jars! This saves mess and means that when you need hardware of this type, you will easily know where everything is. It also prevents the risk of standing on nails when walking about in the shed. This storage solution can be completely cost free! All you need to do is save up old jam jars and you have an ideal space to keep your nails and screws.


There are some great shelf storage solutions which are both handy and can be made to look great! Floating shelves are one popular shed trend, which create extra space and also make your shed look larger. For an option which will allow you to accommodate items of different sizes, adjustable shelving is another fantastic alternative.

    Hanging Storage

If you have garden equipment such as rakes and shovels in your shed, hanging storage is a quick fix to keep everything in an organised order. Tool hangers take hardly any time to install and are a much better option than simply allowing equipment to gather dust in a cluttered corner.

Here at BTL Timber we offer a number of stylish, quality sheds to suit your garden perfectly, including our Apex and Pent options. For more information give us a call on 01388 608452 or visit www.btltimber.co.uk